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Our Team


Pat & Sharlene 

Owners and Farmers

Pat and Sharlene work diligently on the farm and at the on-farm store. Their hard work and dedication has inspired many and they have created a culture at Autumnwood Farm where everyone enjoys doing their part. 

Favorite Product: Whole



Mariah is Pat and Sharlene's youngest daughter and farms full-time with them. Her main roles are caring for the cows, gathering delivery route orders, and managing Autumnwood Farm social media. Milking cows, caring for cow health and comfort, and keeping accurate herd records are important to have the content and healthy cows that provide your TASTY milk! 

Favorite Product: Chocolate Milk




Luke, Pat and Sharlene's oldest son, makes the majority of the crops decisions on the farm. Maintaining a nutritious diet for the cows to produce TASTY milk starts with healthy soil and flourishing crops. As a full-time agronomist, Luke is a key component in the health of the cows that provide the milk on your table through his care of the land and all that grows from it. 

Favorite Product: Whole


Creamery Manager

Jacob is the Autumnwood Farm creamery manager. He is the man behind the window in the on-farm store that is keeping everything running. From pasteurizing milk, to maintaining equipment, he does it all!

Favorite Product: Whole


Denny & Lynn

Milk Delivery Man, Customer Relations, & Financial Manager

Denny and Lynn have invested deeply into Autumnwood Farm, filling many different roles as needed. Denny delivers milk part-time and positively interacts with customers on his routes. Lynn is our fantastic financial manager and main customer contact. She keeps detailed account of all transactions for the creamery and the farm.

Favorite Product: Whole and Half and Half

Darby & Rick


Darby and Rick's main job is to turn raw milk into low-temperature pasteurized TASTY milk. Generally, after pasteurizing, the milk is sent through the homogenizer and chiller before getting to the holding tank. The milk is then ready to be bottled by our capper. Darby also uses her creativity to create and manage the website.

Favorite Product: Half and Half and Chocolate Milk

Minnie and Peyton.heic

Hanna & Peyton

Filler and Capper Operator

Making sure the bottles are spotless and safe is Hanna's main job. She operates our bottle washer every day to clean half gallons, quarts, and pints. 

The clean bottles then make their way down the conveyer to the next machine where they are filled with TASTY milk and capped. Peyton makes sure every bottle is perfect before it is moved into the cooler where it will stay until it is delivered the next day.

Favorite Product: Chocolate Milk & Cappuccino Milk

Bottle Washers and Cleaners

Cody, Cadence, Eli, and Mike (not pictured)

Production is not possible without the behind-the-scenes hard work of these individuals. Cody, Cadence, and Eli sort the returned bottles by size so they will be ready for Sarah in the morning.

Cody and Mike deep clean the creamery each afternoon after production.

Favorite Product: Whole, Chocolate Milk, and Eggnog

Bottle Washers.jpg


Milk Delivery Man & Customer Relations

Jeff works hard delivering TASTY milk to stores near you! He is our modern-day milk men that gets up very early to load and deliver milk around the Twin Cities metro area, then return bottles to the creamery so they can be washed and refilled.

Favorite Product: Chocolate Milk



The Cows

Tasty Milk Producers

The cows are the true stars of Autumnwood Farm! It's fun to highlight all of our hard working ladies who provide our community with TASTY milk.

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