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The Cows of Autumnwood Farm

Cow comfort and health are top priorities at Autumnwood Farm! Pat, Sharlene, Luke, Mariah, and part-time staff diligently work hard to ensure that our girls are well cared for everyday. Our cows are milked twice a day in a double-8 parallel parlor. The milk is then stored in a 1,000 gallon bulk tank that is cooled to 38°F until it is ready to be sent to the creamery each day.


A modern free-stall barn with access to pasture as the weather allows is where the cows live. This design lets each cow spend their time differently throughout the day. Enjoying the weather outside grazing or ruminating on a foam mattress inside with the other cows, our girls are quite content in their home.


We work closely with our veterinarians and dairy nutritionist to provide top-quality nutrition and health care for the cows. Happy and healthy cows produce TASTY milk for you and your family to enjoy! 

Meet The Girls

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